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GSS CERT offset system


Poland's first offset system

GSS CERT is the first Polish and Central European offset system.


Compliance with standards

We are in compliance with EU law, IPCC standards, CDM standards, and ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3, ISO 14065 standards.



The GSS CERT system is a next-generation system using blockchain, smart contracts and AI.

Offset with us

System offsetowy GSSCert

Jedyny system offsetowy dostępny w europie środkowo – wschodniej. Najnowocześniejsze rozwiązania z zakresu IT.


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GSS Cert offset units

Wsparcie sztucznej iteligencji

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The trading of an offset unit or the surrender of an offset is not limited in time.


An offset unit may be subject to inter-company sale until it is surrendered.


The prerequisite for the formation of a GSS Unit is confirmation that the additionality requirement has been met.

Independently verified and validated

The requirement for the formation of a GSS Unit is a positive result of the Project verification, conducted by an independent Verifier.


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