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We are a member of the International Emissions Trading Association IETA

GSS CERT to pierwszy polski program, w ramach którego powstają jednostki offsetowe (carbon offsets).

GSS CERT is the first Polish program to create carbon offsets units.

GSS Units are created as part of projects, implemented by biogas producers and entities operating in the LULUCF (Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry) sector.

At the basis of the establishment of the GSS CERT was the conviction that it is necessary to combine the activities of entities with the potential to carry out GHG emission reduction activities and the needs of companies that, due to market expectations or legal obligations, make commitments to reduce their negative impact on the climate.

Reduction of GHG emissions achieved elsewhere than at the source of emissions is called offsetting in the Polish versions of EU documents. Such reduction is also denoted by the English term offset.

At the COP27 climate summit, the view was presented that in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) must grow fifteenfold by 2030 and a hundredfold by 2050. The emergence of voluntary offset systems is also encouraged by the European Commission – while pointing out the standards that offsets must meet and the systems under which they are created.

The GSS CERT System is being built to meet the standards, derived from UN documents and European Union law, as well as to meet the standards indicated by the European Commission. In this context, the GSS CERT System is an instrument aimed at fulfilling the EU’s mitigation obligations.

GSS S.A. has developed its own methodology for calculating reductions in emissions or increases in GHG removals, referring to the principles established in ISO 14064-2, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) rules, the rules adopted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). In the case of GSS CERT BIOGAS, the methodology also takes into account the principles derived from the provisions of Directive 2018/2001 (RED II).

Certified greenhouse gas emission reduction units

The purpose of the System is to create an environmental effect by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The basis of the System is the commitment of Participants to reduce emissions or increase emissions absorption.

GSS Cert enables investors of reduction projects to develop and operate them.

The System is voluntary in nature and refers directly to European Union and international laws and obligations.

  • The system is based on international validation and verification standards.
  • Safe technology: the design, emissions and life cycle of certificates are fully transparent.
  • Achieved emission reductions are certified by an independent third-party verifier.
  • The calculation methodology is based on UNFCCC and RED II methodologies.
  • Conservative approach to the data and metrics used in our calculations.
  • The System’s rules ensure that the potential for increased emissions elsewhere has been assessed and prevented, and the project does not cause environmental and social harm.


Poland's first offset system

GSS CERT is the first Polish and Central European offset system.


Compliance with standards

Jesteśmy zgodni z prawem UE, standardami IPCC, CDM oraz normami ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3, ISO 14065.



System GSS CERT jest systemem następnej generacji, wykorzystującym blockchain, smart contracts oraz AI.

System participants

System Administrator
Responsible for the strategic development of the System and proper operations. He also supervises the proper operation of the System Registry and the process related to the approval and supervision of the work of external verifiers.

The role of the competence center, taking care of substantive issues and supervising the process of project implementation is performed by the Technical Committee appointed by the Administrator. Within this body, new methodologies are developed and complete processes necessary for the proper implementation of projects are created. The work of the Technical Committee is supervised by the Steering Committee.

Independent system validation unit
The GSS CERT system has been validated by BUREAU VERITAS for compliance with the requirements of ISO 14064-2, and the verification process for each project is conducted in accordance with 14064-3.

Investors of reduction projects – Participants.
These are participants in the System that implement reduction projects. Thanks to their efforts, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are produced, which are the basis for the creation of GSS Unit reductions (supply of units in the System).

The requirement for participation in the System is the development and implementation of an effective source data monitoring system in accordance with the requirements of the System, and the validation of this system and installation by an external validator.

For each project within the System, a PDD (Project Definition Document), and a monitoring plan are developed, which are the basis for verification of the monitored data. It is only on this basis that the amount of reduced and absorbed GHG emissions is confirmed and certificates are generated in the GSS CERT system.

Offsetting companies – Users
Companies that have set strategic zero-emission goals take various measures to reduce GHG emissions. One of these is emissions offsets (offsets), which involve the purchase of GSS Units. Through the purchase of GSS offsets, companies support reduction projects and account for the demand of units in the System.