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Jeżeli nie posiadasz wyliczonego śladu węglowego, możemy skierować Cię do jednego z naszych zaufanych partnerów wykonujących takie usługi.


Otrzymaj od nas ofertę

Otrzymasz od nas ofertę zgodnie ze swoimi wymaganiani oraz dla określonej ilości offsetów.


Określimy warunki transakcji

Określimy warunki współpracy. Dla dużych zamówień określimy szczegóły transakcji.


Otrzymasz konto w systemie GSS IT

Będziesz mógł zarządzać swoimi Jednostkami GSS, w tym będziesz mógł podjąć decyzję o ich umorzeniu (wykorzystaniu).

Jak to działa?

GSS Units (offsets) can be used by all companies – including those that take reduction measures in accordance with procedures adopted under voluntary programs or standards, such as the GHG Protocol. Note that some such standards allow the use of offsets to a limited extent or in strictly defined cases (so, for example, the SBTi standard). We offer assistance in assessing the extent to which your company may use offsets to meet a voluntary or mandatory target or cap related to GHG emissions.

The actions of companies directed at environmental protection and climate change mitigation are an important premise on the basis of which customers choose service providers or product vendors. As a result, they can be an important factor in building a competitive advantage over other companies. Many companies undertake such activities guided by the principle of corporate social responsibility.

Offsetting (offsetting) GHG emissions through reduction activities carried out by third parties – such as Participants in the GSS CERT System – supports the enterprise in mitigating the negative impact of generated GHG emissions on the environment and climate.

Determine the quantity

If you do not have a calculated carbon footprint, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners performing such services.

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You will receive a quote from us according to your requirements and for a certain number of offsets.

Let's set the terms of cooperation

We will determine the terms of cooperation. For large orders, we will determine the details of the transaction.

Activate your GSS Cert account

You will be able to manage your offsets in the IT system, including the ability to decide whether to redeem (use) them.


  1. Count the carbon footprint – calculating the carbon footprint, i.e. the sum of greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by a given company or organization, is an essential element in the offsetting process. When calculating the carbon footprint, we recommend using entities, professionally dealing with this topic. GSS S.A. cooperates with entities, specializing in the calculation of an organization’s carbon footprint.
  2. Determine the level of compensation. Depending on the amount of the carbon footprint and the factors affecting the organization’s generation of GHG emissions, it is necessary to determine the reduction activities and the appropriate level of GHG emissions subject to offsetting. Those companies that, due to market expectations or adopted CSR principles, undertake to make a greater contribution to climate protection can benefit more from offsets. We assist in determining the appropriate, adequate level of GHG emissions subject to offsetting.
  3. Determine the type of units. To carry out GHG emissions offsets, you can choose either a specific type of reduction units or the type of projects in which the GSS Units were created. This gives you the option to support a specific project (e.g., from the same region) or the technology used in the project. Currently, the GSS CERT System allows you to choose from reduced (GSS-red), avoided, and absorbed (GSS-seq) emission reduction units – but also to choose between Units derived from specific projects.
  4. Set the price and place the order. We jointly determine the proposed price for the purchase of GSS Units and regulate it with an appropriate contract or order in accordance with the regulations. At the conclusion of the contract, you will receive access to an information system (GSS IT) for managing GSS Units.
  5. Make the transaction and receive the emission reduction units. Upon payment of the agreed price, the Administrator transfers ownership of the GSS Units to you. The transaction is subject to recording in the blockchain and disclosure in the Registry, accessible through the IT system (GSS IT). From then on, you can dispose of GSS Units – whether for resale or for surrender to yourself or another company of your choice.
  6. Offset GHG emissions. GSS Units can be used to offset GHG emissions generated at your enterprise – by carrying out a procedure for surrender of a GSS Unit.
  7. Receive a certificate of redemption. Information about the redemption of each GSS Unit is recorded in the blockchain and in the Registry. The confirmation of the redemption of GSS Units is a certificate. A redeemed unit cannot be traded – it cannot be sold or reused.

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