What we believe in

Reaching  emission reduction goals set in the Paris Agreement is a task that must be undertaken not only by governments but also by companies and individuals. Mitigating impacts of climate change shall be our common goal for future decades.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable climate transformation for entrepreneurs.



Our mission is to enable climate transformation for entrepreneurs. We see this task as a part of our responsibility for future generations. We repay climate debt. 

Our highest value is the responsibility for our actions towards nature and future generations. We can protect the climate for future generations only through sustainable development and the pursuit of climate neutrality. 

GSS Cert stands for high quality, which ensures that our actions lead to real GHG reductions. A real change for the better.

We believe our work is an important contribution to achieving the goals set for mankind in the UN Climate Action. We trust that we are ready to help enterprises become a net-zero.

GSS Cert's values and vision

Our values:

  • responsibility for nature and future generations
  • sustainability and climate neutrality
  • quality of services and products offered

Our vision:
To help businesses become net-zero.