GSS Cert carbon offsets

Jednostki GSS tworzone są w ramach projektów na podstawie sformalizowanych zasad Systemu GSS CERT


Externally verified

Each ton of offset is verified by an independent international verifier.


Compliance with standards

Offsets are in accordance with EU law, IPCC standards, CDM and ISO 14064-2, ISO 14064-3, ISO 14065 standards.



The GSS CERT system is a next-generation system that uses IT tools to track the full life cycle of offsets.

Characteristics of GSS Units

Within the GSS CERT System, there are 2 types of offset units – each corresponding to the equivalent of 1 ton of CO2 emissions.
Depending on the project and activity to which they apply, the units are marked with an additional 3-letter tag: GSS-red and GSS-seq.

Types of GSS Units:
Emission type:
Source of origin:

GSS-seq – A unit representing the absorption/removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere by biological processes using natural processes.


Rodzaj: sekwestrowana

The year the offset was created:

GSS-red – jednostka reprezentująca redukcję lib uniknięcie emisji gazów cieplarnianych.



Rodzaj: pochłonięta lub uniknięta

Kryteria zrównoważonego rozwoju:

What is the GSS Unit

GSS Units are created within the framework of projects implemented by System Participants, based on the formalized rules of the GSS CERT System. The requirement for the creation of a GSS Unit is a positive result of Project verification, conducted by an independent Verifier. The condition for the creation of a GSS Unit is confirmation that the requirement for additionality has been met.

Each GSS Unit shall confirm that either a reduction in GHG emissions or an increase in GHG removals of one (1) metric ton of CO2 equivalent has occurred under the Project.

Features of GSS Units

Each GSS offset unit:

  • is unique and identified by an individual and unalterable serial number,
  • is transferable – in particular, it may be subject to sale between companies until the Unit is redeemed;
  • can be redeemed in favor of the owner of the Unit or in favor of a third party of his choice;
  • is perpetual – trading in the Unit or redeeming it is not limited in time.
Each project under the GSS CERT system and each offset unit meets at least 3 sustainability goals.

Types of GSS Units

GSS CERT uses blockchain technology to record and consolidate data about each GSS Unit. Through the use of blockchain technology, all relevant data is consolidated: from the moment a Participant joins the GSS CERT System, through project validation, the process of monitoring, verification and creation of a GSS Unit, to each change of ownership of a GSS Unit and the issuance of a GSS Unit. The immutability of the data described by blockchain technology guarantees the certainty of trading GSS Units.

Due to the different nature of the projects covered by the GSS CERT System, there are 3 types of GSS Units. Each type is designated by a three-letter tag:

  • GSS-red – a unit representing the reduction or avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • GSS-seq – a unit representing the absorption/removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere by biological processes using natural processes
  • GSS-tec – unit representing the uptake/removal of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere by a mechanical/chemical process using technological solutions