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One of the main assumptions of the GSS Cert System is the promotion of pro-environmental projects that contribute to the avoidance or absorption of GHG emissions and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. Including such projects into GSS Cert is one of the basic concepts of the system.

Participation in ecological projects, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, enables responsible entrepreneurs to compensate for their carbon footprint.

Join us and get support

If you are the owner or manager of: a GHG sequestration project, a RES, a forest or an agricultural area, you are welcome to become part of our System.

The GSS system is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland, as an initiative raising awareness of environmental protection.

The idea behind the GSS Cert System is expert, organizational and financial assistance to organizations that implement pro-climate measures. We believe that together we are able to achieve more.

We have already been trusted by many partners from several European countries. They include biogas plant projects, land use or the GHG sequestration from forestry.

Participation in the system step by step

Here are some steps you can take to become part of our community:

  1. Submit your interest to join GSS System.
    Contact us, let us know you are interested in joining the system. We will help you to meet all system requirements.
  2. Develop data monitoring system complying to system requirements.
    The creation of a source data monitoring system for GHG emissions is a necessary requirement for each participant of the system. Based on it, the level of avoided GHG emission is calculated, which is the basis for obtaining emission reduction units.
  3. Implement a data monitoring system.
    Based on our experience, we will help you to implement a data monitoring system compliant with the GSS Cert requirements.
  4. Get validation by an external validator.
    Obtaining a validation of the system guarantees compliance with the GSS Cert, UNFCCC and the EU standards.
  5. Get verification.
    Obtaining verification enables generation of emission reduction units confirming the number of GHG emissions avoided.
  6. Receive emission reduction units.
    On the basis of the validated system and verified data, unique emission reduction units are generated in the GSS Cert system, confirming the achieved GHG emission savings.
  7. Offer emission reduction units to those interested in offsetting.
    Using the GSS Cert system infrastructure you can offer emission reduction units generated by your installation to companies interested in emission offsets.

Become our partner. Join GSS Cert. Help the planet. Get extra benefits. 

Let’s repay climate debt together!