Offset your emissions
Offset your emissions

Your company aims to reduce GHG emissions and you do not know where to start?

Offsetting of emissions under the GSS Scheme is easier than you think.

Emission offset: step by step

Here are the steps ahead to achieve climate neutrality in your company:

  1. Calculate your carbon footprint
    First step you need to take is to estimate the GHG emissions generated by your company’s operations. Calculation of the carbon footprint according to the methodology specified in the ISO 14064 standard will allow you to estimate the impact of your company on climate change.
  2. Determine compensation level
    Next step is to determine the level of the emission to be offset based on the level of emissions generated by the enterprise. Compensation may be for all or part of the company’s emissions generated during the year.
    Some companies decide to make an even greater contribution to climate protection. In these cases the offset is performed in the amount exceeding the emissions generated by economic processes of the enterprise. Some of the companies choose to offset their carbon footprint 2- or 10-fold.
  3. Determine the type of reduction units
    You can choose a specific type of reduction unit for your offset. This will allow you to support a specific project or technology. Currently, the GSS Cert System allows you to choose from removed (GSS-seq) and reduced (GSS-red) emission reduction units.
  4. Set a price and sign a contract
    Together, we set the bid price of reduction units and regulate it with an appropriate contract.
  5. Make transaction and receive emission reduction units
    Thanks to the system infrastructure and the help of our broker, you will smoothly buy reduction credits. After the transaction is completed, the units will be assigned to your account in the registry.
  6. Offset GHG emissions
    The units received on the registry can be used to offset GHG emissions generated by your company.
  7. Receive a carbon credit surrender certificate
    Partial emission offset in your company will reduce your carbon footprint. Offsetting of all emissions will give the company a net-zero status. A special certificate provides the confirmation of the allocation and retirement of reduction units.

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