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Carbon Offset: Importance, benefits and why it's worth it

Carbon offsetting is the process of neutralizing the number of carbon dioxide emissions that a person or organization emits in the course of performing a certain activity or in the course of its operations.

A carbon offset program works on the principle that carbon dioxide absorbed by the atmosphere can offset carbon dioxide emitted elsewhere.

Why do companies use carbon offsets?

Increasingly, organizations across all sectors are recognizing that green strategies are the “right thing to do” as part of a broader ethical and ESG (sustainability) oriented culture. They are also under public pressure to improve their ESG performance.

ESG reports are becoming more transparent, disclosure requirements are becoming more stringent, and reporting results are being used to assess and evaluate your organization’s potential as an investment, business partner and supplier.

Suppose your operations generate significant amounts of carbon. In that case, corporate carbon offsets may be the only realistic way to achieve significant carbon reductions, at least in the short term.

Our offer

As a system operator, we can provide you with large quantities of carbon offsets on individually tailored terms. Whether you want to treat the purchase of offsets for investment purposes or use them to reduce the carbon footprint of your investment portfolio, we offer support throughout the process.

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