GSS Cert scientific council member

Dr hab. Alina Kowalczyk – Juśko, prof. UP


Employee of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, PhD in engineering sciences. She works on renewable energy sources, especially on the energetic use of biomass, including in the methane fermentation process. Cooperates with agricultural biogas producers, consulting on substrate selection and handling of digestate in technical, legal and environmental aspects. Co-author of numerous articles (including in journals: Energy; Ecological Indicators; Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment; Separation Purification Technology, Ecological Engineering, Energies, Environmental Technology; Water) and books (including: Agricultural Biogas – a Renewable Energy Source; Biogas Plants as an Opportunity for Agriculture and the Environment; Ferment as a Fertilizer for Agriculture), mainly on renewable energy sources and environmental engineering in the broadest sense. She has held scientific internships at foreign universities (Beja Polytechnic University, Portugal; Lviv Polytechnic University, Ukraine; Cretan Polytechnic University in Chania, Greece; Lviv National Agricultural University in Dublany, Ukraine). Has participated in national and international research projects related to RES topics (e.g., Production and Use of Biomass of Selected Plant Species for Energy Purposes; Determinants and Mechanisms of Energy Rationalization in Municipalities; Construction of Polesie Biogas Network Based on Model of Public Participation of Residents (PolBioNet); Assessment of biogas production risks in the Baltic Sea Region from the perspective of management of nutrient matter (ToR Biogas); Towards Green Transition Facility; Investing in Renewable Energies for Agriculture (AgroRES). Her passions are traveling and sailing. She lives in Zamosc.

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