GSS Cert scientific council member

Dr inż. Magdalena Rogulska


Graduate of the Physics Department at the University of Warsaw, PhD in agricultural engineering.

1973 – 2005 IBMER employee
programmer, system analyst, specialist in EC BREC team

2006 – Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy (IPiEO).
head of the Renewable Energy Resources Team (ECBREC).

2007 – 2009 Institute for Fuels and Renewable Energy (IPiEO)
deputy director for renewable energy

2011 – 2019 Industrial Institute of Motorization PIMOT
chief specialist for renewable energy

2019 – present
independent expert, manager of the REGATRACE project at UPEBI

Coordinator of RES research and demonstration projects funded by the European Commission (DG Research, DG TREN, Horizon 2020). Expert evaluator of EU projects under the 6th and 7th EU Framework Program as well as Horizon 2020.

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